Lucetta Elmer


District 24: House of Representatives

Meet Lucetta

Her Focus

Lucetta Elmer is an Oregon entrepreneur with over 30 years of business experience. She specializes in community development, education, family, and improving the everyday lives of Oregon citizens. She encompasses hard work and dedication and values the voice of the people. She is currently running for District 24 House of Representatives. 


What I Specialize In







"I want to provide as many children as possible with the opportunity to reach their fullest potential."

I count it a blessing and honor to be a friend of Lucetta’s. She is a person who listens and communicates clearly.  Lucetta’s extensive experience in running her own multiple businesses can only be an asset in helping small businesses here in Oregon.  I believe Lucetta will represent my conservative values in a non-judgmental and respectful way.  She is my choice for State Representative. 

- Lori Zumwalt
Real Estate Entrepreneur

"I am honored to endorse Lucetta Elmer to be our next State Representative in House District 24. It has been my privilege to know Lucetta and her family for over 15 years.  Lucetta is a dynamic, successful individual who has a record of service and commitment to our community. She will serve us well."


- Ron Noble

- Chris McLaran

As a Latina business owner in small Yamhill county 

I have never met anyone in my life as genuine and fair as Lucetta Elmer. From rent to patience through the COVID-19 pandemic, she has stood by us, to see us win in spite of all odds and I am forever thankful.

- Nikita D.

I’m pleased to support Lucetta Elmer for District 24 State Representative. As a long time local business owner in our community I’ve had the privilege of working with her on community projects around McMinnville.   I’ve witnessed her leadership as she served as chair of the McMinnville Chamber Board.  Her years of dedicated community involvement along with her business acumen and leadership skills make her the perfect choice for our State Representative. ”

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