Meet Lucetta

Lucetta Elmer is an Oregon native. She grew up on a small farm in Yamhill County where her grandparents tended the land. It was here that her earnest work ethic was formed. She doesn't shy away from hard labor or difficult tasks. She had her first taste of small business experience when she was 15 and began to do payroll for her dad's Timber business. After high school Lucetta went on to earn her Bachelors of Science in Education from Linfield University. It wasn't long before she started her own school, marrying her two passions, business and education. 

Lucetta would go on to marry Denny Elmer, her high school sweetheart, and they would begin a lifelong journey of small business development and community involvement. In the 30 years of marriage they have had 4 beautiful children all of which have learned numerous lessons and life skills while working along side their parents. This has fueled their passion for entrepreneurship, with each child now actively pursuing their own entrepreneur dreams.  

Lucetta's community involvement expands beyond that of business development. She has poured herself into matters of the family, leading a marriage mentor program alongside her husband Denny, organizing retreats, helping couples, and promoting marriage for over 10 years.


Lucetta has owned and operated over 10 businesses throughout the years. Each business has been deeply rooted in the multiple facets that make up the great state of Oregon: tourism, commerce, land development, education, housing and entertainment.

When not working on various business opportunities, Lucetta has held a seat on numerous civic committees:

Chair, McMinnville Chamber of Commerce

Chair, McMinnville Christian Academy

Board Member, McMinnville Downtown Association

Member of Government Affairs Committee

Chosen as a national young leader and represented her high school in Washington, D.C. 

Lucetta believes in strong, balanced communities that provide access to a robust variety of activities and opportunities that enrich citizens lives; from art walks to concerts, charitable fundraisers to community festivals and farmers markets.