We hope to make a difference, your voice is the key! 

Community Development

The heart of a strong economy is business.  Businesses only thrive when the community is strong. Each facet ties into each other, creating a circle of success. 

Lucetta currently owns 5 business, 3 of those businesses are front facing downtown 3rd street businesses. Through vigorous effort and unfailing commitment all 3 businesses not only survived the demise of the pandemic, but are currently thriving. She recognizes the fruits of hard labor.


Community growth is a marriage of people being so proud of their home that they share it with others, and the people who come to and visit and share with their friends. 

Quality of life and community development is important and an essential key to that is to hear the voices of each member of that community whether you're a student, enjoying retirement, or in the prime career years of your life, everyone deserves to be heard.



One of Lucetta's greatest passions is education. 

" I want to provide as many children as possible the opportunity to reach their fullest potential "

She is saddened to see America continually drop in the global statistics of education. She is excited to work alongside teachers, children, parents, stakeholders and board members to make a positive change in education. our focus? Peace in the schools, healthy school districts, unity within the education system.  

How will Lucetta help? Asking the hard questions you want answered and having a willingness to listen so that workable solution can be found.